January 11, 2011

New Year Introductions....!!!!

Today is the First Day of The Rest of My Blog.....

Ok, yall...so I had a New Years Resolution/Revolution!!! Yay...It involves Kicking up business in 2011 here at Baby J and giving you all an ear full in my Boutiquish Blog :) Which by the way is being made over by the one and only Blog, etc Designer Laura Jane (Who by the way again wrote the funniest yet true blog the other day that I am still laughing about and you will too Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails). Anyway, she is giving my blog a face-lift and I will be giving all of you my favorite recipes (Super good ones for the cooking challenged :)...Favorite products for me and me as a mom and me as a successfully organized person and me as a business owner/starter.....Crafty Projects.....AWESOME promos and deals in my Baby J shop....AND TONS MORE!!! So, stay tuned...give me your feedback....recipes to try...products to try....things you want to hear about...or a simple HI!!!

So for the New Year I would like to begin with a formal introduction to myself...family and LIFE....

This is me....Jessica. Well, me and my newest baby, it's funny when you have kids the pictures of you become less and less....especially of you alone! Anyway....I am a proud mother...crazy daughter...thriving business owner... housecleaner..... chauffeur.... babysitter..... worst cook ever.... and sooooo much more....
I am a planner whose biggest and best things in life WERE NOT PLANNED...and I say that with a super huge SMILEY :) face.
I would like to be a clean freak organizer...but reality is, I'm a cluttery mess boarderline hoarder (I blame that on Target) but, I am working on that this year :)
I got my AA, in I dont even know what, at Saddleback Community College...Design Degree at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising...and my Bachelors in Business at UOP (and yes I did school in my PJ's...I think I learned A LOT more this way)
I LOVE TO SEW....LOVE LOVE TO SEW....and craft and make anything and everything. I started my business idea 2 years ago and plan to continue making it a successful and greatly profitable business.... come visit the Baby J Shop
I love my home even though we totally outgrew it way too quick...I still love it, a lot...I love my wild boys...most amazing step-daughter....my stubborn husband..and my giant dog that drinks my coffee and eats diapers...I am a beyond grateful person...

This is Ray...The big man around the house...He is a great husband and a great friend and alright roomate as I tell him often :) He works hard...has amazing potential...and can fix anything!!! He is funny and spontaneous and stubborn as hell...We are constantly bickering about the dumbest things and always laughing at eachother...We are far from perfect, but we are really perfect together.
And that is Ray.....

Ray gave me two Beautiful boys....but he brought me the most amazing step-daughter in the world.
This is Sierra, she's 7 and the second mother/wifey in the house. She can cook, clean, babysit....she listens...is ALWAYS GOOD and SWEET. Nobody in this world could ever ask for a better step-daughter....NOBODY....We have been together since she was 2....she promises to take me to Vegas with her when she turns 21...I don't think she knows what Vegas is...but I am just excited that she still plans on hanging out with me when she is that old....haha.

JAYDEN!!!! That's usually how his name is said in our house...He's wild, potty training, and gets funnier by the day. He loves Hockey, and his dad, and our Big Dog, his sissy and his Baby Jacey....He is turning 3 on Feb. 29th....my leap year baby. He is huge...really smart and remembers everything!

Last, but not least is my little Jace...He is 7 months. And yes he has this smile on 24 hours a day...He is tiny even though he started out Big...he doesn't want to crawl or sit up....just roll everywhere. We still aren't sure who he looks like...except that he has Sierra and Dads nose...it's funny how two brothers can be sooo opposite. He lights up our day....and sleeps really good :) Haha...PERFECT.

So, this is us in a nutshell...Hope you enjoyed our Introduction and look forward to blogging your ear off the rest of the year!!


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