January 25, 2011

Potty Training Woes...

This is my BIG son, Jayden. And when I say BIG I mean Gigantic in size...he started of at 7 pounds and 14 ounces, but every month it was like he was doubling and tripling in size. At 18 months he had the shoe size of a 4 year old, no joke.

And this is him now....Almost 3....

A preschooler soon! (Tear in my eye). So, it was a must to get this Giant baby potty trained! Many kids at the park already make fun of him because he wore diapers (Only because I think they thought he was much older than he is...don't worry I beat them up...jk) But, none the less...This Baby Huey needed to get out of diapers! So the potty training went on and on and as I was giving up all hope this fabulous New Years Day he put his big boy underwear on and what do you know was all of a sudden using the toilet (well...the frog toilet...close enough)

This was an exciting day...a great breakthrough...a new stage of life....Until we went to Target...

Let me back up for a second, I forgot to mention that my son literally came out of my stomach pooping...and when he poops it has always been explosive. And I mean up his back, in his hair, to the point that I have had to cut so MANY of his clothes off because it was just easier. And he exploded everywhere...home, Target, grocery store, in the car, every place you can imagine that there is not a changing table and it happened atleast two to three times a day...So now you can see my excitement about him FINALLY going in the toilet!

Which brings us back to Target....for the first time since he did not wear a diaper. It started with him panickly whimpering and flailing his arms in the air yelling "I HAVE TO POOP!!!" So we quickly ran to the bathroom....after going in and out about 3 times and him rubbing his hands all over the toilet...peeing in his face because he pushed so hard and nothing was coming out...and Finally giving up, I gave up too and said lets just go home and try again later. But as we are in line...it came out...came out everywhere...oh yes and he wanted everyone to know, and that was the epitome of embarrassing baby moments....SO FAR I should say.

And since then, there have been many accidents and toilet touching, and peeing in his own face, and pretty much only has to go to the bathroom when there are no toilets around or the grossest bathrooms you can imagine. And somedays...I think back when I was complaining about the diapers and sometimes I even miss the diaper explosions and am tempted to put a diaper back on because YES! it was easier than cleaning up after a potty training child....haha! But I don't and we are going forward and everyday is getting better ;) I hope....I may just be telling myself that at this point :)

I will keep you all posted on the progress for those that will be experiencing this in the near future...and for those that alrready have, words of encouragement are much loved right now :)


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