January 11, 2011

Drunken Crockpot Roast - Recipe #1

Ohhhh look at me...2 blogs in one night! I am determined to keep you entertained!!!

Plus Alissa over at Rags to Stitches is doing Try a new Recipe Tuesday!!! And it's Tuesday....and I cooked one of my faves tonight...and I am ready to share it with you all!!!!

Ok, so this New Year I am trying to lose some poundage...I do not think I am fat, but as my mama says "Jessy you carry your weight well" Which means I got a few pounds to spare...Plus, I'm getting ready to turn 30, February 6th....Superbowl Sunday...booooo on many levels.

So, I want to lose a few pounds, be fit, and tighten my saggy butt and get rid of this poochy baby pouch. Long story short...I am going low carb...we will see how long this lasts but for now I'm going for it. And the best part of my meal is you can go both ways...heeeeyy, carby or no carby...love it!

And the best part ever is it's only 4 ingredients!!! 6 if you are carbing it and 7 if you want to add cheese :)

Ingredients: 1 Chuck Roast, 1 Beer, a whole jar of peppercinis (juice and all), and one packet of Zesty Italian Seasoning (found in the salad dressing section)

Whip out your Crockpot...ooooh it's getting even easier!!!

On a side note...I LOVE THE CROCKPOT...it saved my marriage ;) I think cooking is in a wifes title...my crockpot took care of that duty for me :)

Next....pour the beer in (I love cooking stuff in beer...I feel like my food is drunk), put your Chuck Roast in, pour the Italian packet all over, and dump in the whole jar of peppercinis (Juice too).....

One last step....set your crockpot low - 8 hours and WAAAHHHLLLAAHHH!!!! You are done, well atleast for the next 8 hours till it's time to eat.

So here are your two options to serve:

No Carb - Shred the meat and serve in a bowl....add a slice of Provolone if you like :)

Yay! Carbs - Serve on a hoagie roll with a slice of Provolone.....soooo gooooood!!!

And look.... EVERYONE IS HAPPY!!!

Ok, the tiny one didn't really eat it (he only eats Sweet Potatoes) But he was still happy I didn't have to spend all afternoon cooking dinner :)
See ya next Tuesday for a new recipe and the Linky Party at Try a New recipe Tuesday!!!


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